Established in Abu Dhabi, our advocates and consultants seek to become the forefront of legal services locally and internationally.

من نحن

من مقرنا في أبوظبي، يطمح محامونا ومستشارونا إلى أن نكون في طليعة المؤسسات التي تقدم الخدمات القانونية محليًا ودوليًا.

Since the establishment of Alpha Advocates & Legal Consultants, we as a team, are proud of all the achievements and success we have obtained due to our unprecedented dedication . We seek to continue this progress and growth by relying on a set of pillars built on a strong foundation of legal work coupled with a special focus on achieving continuous growth. From this perspective, we have dedicated all our capabilities and resources to providing the best services to our clients and to achieve our goals by adopting the highest standard in our legal work.

Our vision

To become leaders in providing legal services on a local
and regional level.

Our mission

To work as one team in order to achieve one goal, which is to provide our clients
with the highest quality of legal services

Our values

We are committed to transparency in all our
relationships with our clients in order to protect their interests.

Customer service
We are committed to serving our clients
and exceeding their expectations.

We respect the requirements of our clients in order
to advice and guide them to protect their interests.

Maintaining our clients’ trust and confidence
inside and outside UAE.

Amicable Settlement
Working to reach an amicable
settlement for any dispute before referring the
matter to litigation.

Continuous and permanent effort
to develop and enhance our legal expertise
in all fields of law in order to provide our
clients with the most suitable legal