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Banking and Finance

We specialize in providing comprehensive legal services for Banking and Finance Law Firms. Our expertise extends to representing banks and financial institutions in cases involving defaulting borrowers. Additionally, we offer legal counsel to corporate entities and individuals facing legal issues with banks and financial institutions.

Our team has extensive experience in both conventional and Sharia-compliant banking practices. We have successfully handled cases involving Sharia Compliant products and loans secured by contracts.

Our expertise extends to the value-based side of the financial sector, particularly within the realm of Banking and Finance Law Firms. We specialize in the meticulous review and drafting of comprehensive agreements concerning bank facilities, loan arrangements, sub-appointment agreements, as well as pledge and ban provisions. Moreover, we offer adept assistance in navigating regulatory matters, particularly those overseen by the National Bank of the UAE, ensuring compliance with UAE Banking Regulations and the rights and obligations they entail for our clients.

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