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Healthcare and Life Sciences

In the Middle East and North Africa, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing. The largest team in the area specialising in healthcare and life sciences, Alpha Advocates and Legal Consultants has counselled clients on the most important advancements in this area.

Expert Guidance from a Knowledgeable Group

Our law company was the first in the area to form a team specialising in healthcare and life sciences. Our multilingual and multicultural team consists of both foreign and domestic solicitors with specialised knowledge in healthcare as well as colleagues with backgrounds in data science and clinical certifications.

This indicates that we are aware of the complexity that our customers must deal with in addition to the legislation. The level of counsel and assistance our clients receive is a direct result of this profound understanding.

Our healthcare and life sciences team works with clients in the government, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment industries, as well as medical research organisations, insurance companies, and manufacturers. In addition, we collaborate with physicians, private equity firms, and both public and private healthcare facility developers.

Extensive Knowledge Available Throughout the Area

Our breadth of experience in healthcare and life sciences includes everything from legal drafting to clinical trial approvals and medical malpractice.

We are able to work on large-scale initiatives that transcend our region since we have life sciences and healthcare expertise on the ground in ten MENA governments. Our strong ties to authorities and regulators guarantee that our clients get useful guidance that helps them accomplish their goals.

Our Medical Services

  • Business Contracts
  • Health Data and Digital Health
  • Developing Laws and Policies Pertaining to Healthcare
  • Establishing Medical Facilities, Including Clinics, Hospitals, Labs, and Telemedicine Enterprises  
  • Investigations for Licence Violations and Facility Disciplinary Actions
  • Building Projects for Healthcare Facilities
  • Governance of Healthcare
  • Authorizations and Licences
  • Medical Error
  • Public-Private Partnerships, Practitioner Disciplinary and Licencing Investigations, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Initial Public Offerings
  • Regulatory Guidance

Our Services in the Life Sciences

  • Distribution and Agency Contracts
  • Advice and Documentation for Clinical Trials, Biotech, Biosecurity, Health Sciences Research and Development, and Human Trials
  • Trade, Intellectual Property Contracts,
  • Constructing Factories and Entering into Toll Manufacturing Contracts
  • Establishing Distribution Businesses, Scientific Offices, and Representative Offices
  • Advice on Patents and Intellectual Property
  • Registrations for Medical Devices and Items
  • Pricing and Registration of Pharmaceuticals
  • Advice on Pharmaceutical Regulation
  • Registration, Distribution, and Supply of Vaccines

Samples of Our Work in the Life Sciences and Healthcare

A government healthcare authority was one of our clients. We created a university hospital, a healthcare research foundation, a public control mechanism for a specialised children’s hospital, and a law delivering public hospital services. We also provided advice on matters pertaining to public-private funding and the retrieval of Department of Finance shortfall funds.

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