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The top education practice in the Middle East and North Africa, Alpha Advocates and Legal Consultants, assists customers in the education sector with all legal matters needed to establish and operate profitably, including real estate, tax, banking, and regulatory permissions.

Our specialised education lawyers work with educational institutions such as preschools, schools, training academies, universities, and colleges and have a thorough understanding of the field.

Deep Understanding of Schooling and Strong Interpersonal Skills

We understand the importance of education in the MENA region, which is why we have dedicated education lawyers positioned strategically in key locations such as The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Navigating the educational landscape can be complex, with various regulations and compliance requirements. That’s where our education lawyers come in. They offer specialized advice tailored to the unique needs of education providers.

With our extensive network of offices, we maintain regular communication with relevant ministries, ensuring that our clients stay informed and compliant with the ever-evolving legal landscape. Our education lawyers provide invaluable insights into how laws are implemented on the ground, empowering our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Training Services

  • Setting up of firms located in MENA free zones and onshore, as well as providing guidance on the reorganisation and structure of companies in the education sector.
  • Mergers and acquisitions including conducting due investigation, offering guidance on the best company purchase structure, obtaining regulatory approvals, negotiating and completing all transaction paperwork, and carrying out the acquisition and reorganisation for firms purchasing assets in the education sector.
  • Joint ventures involving the creation of free zone and onshore joint venture companies.
  • Financing such as drafting legal papers about financing for the founding and growth of education firms and providing advice to an international fund that specialises in student housing.
  • Real Estate advising on land law, development, and leasing regulations in general as well as, more precisely, on the duties of tenants and landlords, evaluating building standards, and setting up musataha agreements with governments and developers.
  • Construction and infrastructure encompassing the building, running, and upkeep of new campuses.
  • Employment concerns including general HR matters, policy reviews, and contract review.
  • Intellectual property containing model agreements, ownership guidance, and copyright assignment.
  • Technology including all facets of technology acquisition (including Edtech), including outsourcing agreements for both IT and non-IT tasks.
  • R&D and innovations the commercialization of inventions and patent protection.
  • Regulatory guidance on all aspect needed to establish and run the education industry in our area.

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