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Family Business

Navigating the complexities of family dynamics in business requires seasoned expertise, and that’s where our team of experienced Family Court Lawyers excels. With a deep understanding of the intricate nuances involved, we offer unparalleled support to family businesses across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Our focus is on crafting robust legal frameworks and agreements that safeguard family assets from all angles, be it external threats or internal conflicts. By working closely with our clients, we tailor solutions that not only address immediate concerns but also pave the path for long-term success and smooth transitions. When it comes to protecting your family legacy, trust our Family Court Lawyers to provide you with the expertise and dedication you need.

Our team can:

  1. Set up investments and enterprises to minimize and control legal risks and exposures
    Construct custom frameworks to protect families from business interruptions during transitions. Establish trust deeds and family agreements that enable orderly and transparent transfers to future management.
  2. Establish mechanisms for settling conflicts and disagreements without compromising the integrity of family relationships. Clearly define the succession and stewardship processes under both common law and Sharia law.
  3. Create wills for non-Muslims that fall under the Dubai International Financial Center’s jurisdiction. You should also create wills for foreign nationals that are enforceable under local legal frameworks.

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